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In telling a story, a journalist creates emotion and feeling through their words in which Athena, the platform on which The Huffington Post sits, is incredibly powerful. Collecting stories around a topic that lives all in one place, and building a visual theme to enhance it wasn’t a strength however. This led to the birth of HuffPost Projects - created to provide editors and designers with a more creative medium in which to communicate a single or multiple series of stories. Through it, users are treated to a far more immersive and engaging experience allowing for 360 video, animation and interactive widgets across all devices that bring words to life.

Initially rolled out for UK based editors, the platform was iterated over multiple sprints using editor and user feedback to build out features and influence front and back-end UX. The product was an immediate success with the ease of use and reading experience cited as key areas of satisfaction. In the UK alone it received 600,000 UVs and 1m PVs in its first three months.

Following its full launch which added multi-lingual support and support for multiple revenue drivers, the platform was rolled out internationally and is now used by all 16 editions with third party platforms dropped entirely. During this rollout it was interesting to see how teams worldwide were using the product in ways never imagined. Even our sales team got in on the act and used the platform as part of the biggest HuffPost international campaign to date.

This project was also used as our lead pitch in our entry at the AOP Publishing Awards 2017 for Digital Design and Product Development Team of the Year, which I'm pleased to say we won!

Role on project: Design & UX lead (AOL)

Examples: HuffPost UK, HuffPost Greece, HuffPost Brazil

HuffPost Projects showcase
Platform showcase
HuffPost Projects article landing view
Hub landing view and article on scroll
HuffPost Projects hub scroll view
Hub scrolled view
HuffPost Projects Mobile
Mobile showcase of drop cap on articles, featured posts on hub page and article post

Award win

This project was used as part of our entry into the AOP Awards 2017 for the Digital Design and Product Development Team of the Year. After years of entering with no luck on the night, the whole team were ecstatic when our name got called out on the night!

HuffPost Projects Award
Our award
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